Creating sustainable value within financial servicesOur consultative approach to understanding your challenges combined with the latest in robotics technology means you have the intelligence and insights to make informed strategic decisions to help your business thrive


Through predictive modelling and machine-learning techniques we find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data and apply these insights to your operation to predict and improve your business performance. 

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Our deep expertise and experience managing and rectifying our clients’ issues has enabled us to create a consultancy offering that is world class. We address strategic and operational challenges through innovative solutions combined with disruptive technology.

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We create value protection and sustainability for your business through innovative technology that incorporates the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver the right operational and strategic outcomes for your business. 

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Managing operational and regulatory issues

Experienced team, lasting solutions


A team with strong commercial focus and experience of managing large operations and change programmes within financial services ensures Limehouse has the expertise, know-how and ability to deliver the right solutions for you. Our expertise across governance, risk, change, operations and strategy will provide a strong foundation of protection and compliance for you.

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Innovative Solutions

Seasoned bankers helping your business succeed through innovative solutions combined with extensive experience and commercial acumen. We understand the challenges and are continuously developing and investing in technology to ensure you have the reach and breadth of capability to manage and respond to existing and emerging industry and regulatory demands. 

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Sustainable Technology

As a Fintech, our focus is to help financial services make the move from legacy technology to Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and wider digitisation. Embedding sustainable technology into your business will result into competitive advantage, process efficiencies and customer value. 

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The rise of more agile End to End methods to measure and deliver more efficient process and productivity within Financial Services

Whilst it may not be a surprise, the focus on Productivity was a major feature of the latest set of Monetary Statistics. The UK lags the US and Germany by 30 percentage points, France by 20 and Italy by 8. Productivity is normally associated with manufacturing as evidenced by Philip Hammond’s example of the German Car worker making in 4 days what takes us 5 in the UK.



A data insight tool that analyses data and proposed process changes end to end from Customer need to Customer fulfilment by absorbing data from multiple processes to create a single source of performance metrics across Production; Cost and Customer Experience.

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Robotic Process Automisation – An Overview

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools can help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations faster and at a lower cost than other automation approaches. Interest and activity in RPA is growing and we are increasingly seeing deployments reaching enterprise scale and operating on processes across the organisation. RPA uses software, commonly known as a ‘robot’, to capture and interpret existing IT applications to enable transaction processing, data manipulation and communication across multiple IT systems and users.


Helping you realise operational efficiencies

Meet the TeamThe team at Limehouse bring experience, industry insights and pragmatism to help you create better efficiencies within your business, deliver the right outcomes for your customers and reduce costs within your operations.

Jon Murphy

Managing Director

Marco Malupa

IT Director

Keith Brunsden

Finance & Commercial Director

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