A Change Consultancy that thinks differently

At Limehouse we pride ourselves on being a forward thinking change management consultancy focussed on providing pragmatic solutions for our clients.   We address and deliver solutions to client challenges through consultation and innovative technology.

About Us

We are an established change management consultancy with senior experienced financial services practitioners addressing and delivering client strategic and operational challenges through innovative solutions and disruptive technology. Our engrained FS expertise coupled with this technology enables us to deliver “out of the box” sustainable solutions to remedy key operational and business challenges that our clients face within a regulatory context.

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Our Technology

We are constantly striving to develop our range of technology solutions to address and remedy the key challenges our clients face. Advancements in our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools have helped our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations faster and at a lower cost than other automation tools available. Interest and activity in RPA is growing quickly as we see deployments reaching enterprise scale and operating on processes across the wider organisation.  

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Our Team

Our client-centric team adapts a pragmatic approach to provide customised solutions that help our clients.  What makes us different is we understand your operational challenges and issues because we have experienced them. With our strong insights into governance, risk, change and strategy, combined with our breadth of capability, we can support our clients manage and respond to existing and emerging industry and regulatory demands. 

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Understanding your Regulatory Environment

Who we are

Limehouse Consulting & Strategy has emerged from the well-established and highly regarded ea Consulting Group. Established in the UK nearly two decades ago, ea Consulting developed change solutions for clients across the UK, Asia and Australia. With the constantly changing global environment the focus of our clients has also changed. We understood the need for us to evolve with our clients and our our asset based consultancy, Limehouse, emerged as a result.

We believe that every client has different needs and has a unique operational and cultural environment. We know there are several common levers we can use to help make you more profitable, such as reducing operating costs, waste and lost investment, while increasing your efficiency and revenue. At all times ensuring compliance and regulatory standards are never compromised.

Increasing scrutiny and regulatory requirements as well as technological advances and broad-based “disruption” demand that professional services firms add insightful, nimble and creative solutions to clients.

Our Asset Based Consulting model is unique – it includes a suite of solutions to deliver sustainable and repeatable outcomes, creating a clear view of the Return on Investment (ROI) at the commencement of any engagement.

Our approach deploys reusable assets in the form of technology, templates, best practice, data and software to leverage expertise, speed up project delivery, improve margins, document intellectual property and deliver superior service for our clients and ultimately their customers.

Our Values

Our Values are Us – they drive our actions, decisions and behaviours. They influence the way we work with each other and the way we work with our customers. Our Values developed us as the company we are and the company we strive to be.

We are Engaging, demonstrate Empathy, Respect and Integrity and deliver Customer Value.


We engage with our colleagues and our customers – developing their skills and developing learning from every interaction, collectively building our expertise, knowledge and experiences to be more effective as a team, get the job done and do the right thing by our customers. We expect the same of them. Outcomes matter to us, so defining the value of our engagements and the rapid realisation of value is vital to us – it’s about outcomes as well as innovation.


We listen to our people and our customers to understand both individuals and organisations. We empathise and get to grips with their issues, their challenges, their culture and their particular characteristics. We develop an engagement that demonstrates understanding which delivers and realises evident value to all parties.

Respect and Integrity

We demonstrate diversity resulting in an interesting and inclusive environment; treating people in an ethical manner and as we would like to be treated ourselves. We demonstrate honesty and inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging new thinking and honest and open debate.

Customer Value

We develop relationships with our customers for the long-game, to understand them and make a difference to their businesses. We engage with them collaboratively with integrated approaches and teams. Everything we do with them is conducted with integrity and professionalism to exceed their expectations.

World Class Innovation and Technology Solutions

About our TechnologyWe deliver strategic consultancy and world class technology solutions that offer improved efficiencies, agility, smarter business processes and better productivity for our financial services clients.


A data insight tool that analyses data and proposed process changes end to end from Customer need to Customer fulfilment by absorbing data from multiple processes to create a single source of performance metrics across Production; Cost & Customer Experience.


An intelligent Robotic Process Automation engine built to automate any business process, no matter how complicated, by working seamlessly between people and systems with both structured and unstructured data.


An enterprise wide data processing tool built to structure data and reports from legacy unstructured data records.


Fraud prevention software developed to automatically and systematically detect, prevent and investigate fraud. It provides a single customer due diligence hub assuring compliance with all regulatory regimes including Anti-Money Laundering and POCA.

Industry expertise at your fingertips

Our Team

Our team is comprised of financial services professionals with extensive experience of designing and delivering business critical and change solutions for our UK financial services clients. The team draws on its diverse skill set, years of leadership and management consulting experience to offer our clients the highest quality service.

Jon Murphy

Managing Director

Jon leads the consulting, technology and business solutions for Limehouse. He specialises in understanding his clients’ complex issues and delivers project, advisory and customer outcomes. With over 30 years’ experience within financial services, Jon has recognised expertise in this sector as well as an extensive network within BFSI. Prior to consulting Jon had a career in Financial Services including Operations and Technology responsibilities including as IT Director and on the Executive Board of a major Private Bank.

Marco Malupa

IT Director

With over 15 years’ experience in IT and Financial Services, Marco has led global teams and programmes across different functional areas while working with HSBC. Some of his notable experience includes leading global operation migrations, HR transformation and IT strategy development. He has extensive operations and change management expertise and is also an experienced entrepreneur.

Keith Brunsden

Finance & Commercial Director

Keith is a highly experienced CIMA qualified Finance Director whose experience extends over 15 years of managing finance and operations teams both in the UK and globally. His key areas of expertise include Account Management, Financial Accounting, Design and Implementation of Finance Strategies, Compliance and HR Governance, Company Acquisitions and Risk Management. Since joining ea in 2012 Keith has played a key part in building the company’s valued based propositions involving product, business and strategic development.