About the Technology

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

amanatsu solves many problems for enterprise businesses with a next-generation ‘Fabric Automation’ platform technology. It weaves a connected and intelligent automation engine with an ‘object’ based drag-and-drop UI to simplify and accelerate the adoption of automation technologies including Machine Learning. into practical applications.

  • Think of a solution to fix a problem
  • Build it in a fraction of the time and cost
  • Connect powerful technologies including Machine Learning (ML)
  • Run complex, ‘knowledge’ based processes
The Challenge

If you have a complex regulatory environment or operational model where technology is not a core internal competence and there is low appetite or skills to run digital change programs, then amanatsu is right for you.

The platform enables you to create connected, end-to-end processes that unify operations across your business.

It intelligently drives every interaction between people, data, documents and processes, automating repetitive tasks and freeing people to allow them to be deployed where they can add most value.


It can:

  • Automate operational processes to eliminate manual intervention
  • Run complex, mission-critical processes with total reliability
  • Manage dynamic real-world situations as they evolve
  • Be Agile – get new ideas to market quickly
  • Be Smart – reuse data and resources across your business process
  • Get operational areas working in harmony, not in silos
  • Deploy new, scalable business solutions without IT
  • Respond quickly to governance and regulatory changes

amanatsu provides you with an annual enterprise licence. Implementation is fast and easy with a straightforward fee structure, no capital outlay and is fully supported.

Implementation of the amanatsu solution typically starts with a non-customer facing trial by building one or more processes on the cloud-based platform. This enables the business to gain first-hand knowledge of the capabilities of intelligent robotic process automation, whilst building confidence in this new technology.

Large scale implementation is achieved over a 12-24 month period by rolling out the solution across multiple products and services, including internal processes, achieving enterprise deployment to leverage significant return on investment and enhanced and consistent customer experience.

For more information or to find out how amanatsu can deliver operational efficiencies for your business

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