Customer Service – TelCo

The Challenge

  • Our client, a major UK telco, managed a high-volume telephony and admin operation
  • Their challenge was to improve service and reduce costs without customer detriment

The Solution

An assessment¬† was undertaken of the service delivery process from a customer’s perspective as well as an evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing operational processes end-to-end, from sales through to back office, and used to develop the solution:

  • A ‘customer first’ lens was adopted which defined processes as seen through the eyes of the customer and KPIs measured the key elements of that journey
  • New operational metrics were established
  • Introduction of new reporting tools to drive service improvement and operational efficiencies
  • Redesign of working practices, operating principles and measures

Results & Learnings

  • First point of contact resolution has increased by 70%
  • Reduction in failure demand by 45%
  • Work can now be completed at a lower unit cost of ¬£6.74 v ¬£18.04 prior to implementation
  • Design and implementation of capability and coaching systems to improve individual and collective skills, knowledge and experience delivering vastly improved business and customer outcomes