End to End – Major UK Retail Bank

The Challenge

  • Our client, a major UK Retail Bank, was focused on reducing both customer complaints and E2E completion times within their mortgage business.
  • Their challenge was to have a holistic customer-based view of operational performance leading to continued efficiencies of scale.
  • Transparency was to play an important part to provide evidence to both staff and the regulators.

The Solution

An assessment was undertaken of the service delivery process from a customer’s perspective, as well as an evaluation of effectiveness of the existing operational processes end-to-end, from sales through to back office, and used to develop the solution:

  • A ‘customer first’ lens was adopted which defined processes as seen through the eyes of the customer and KPIs measured the key elements of that journey.
  • A critical customer map was built and metrics defined; depicted in an executive-level scorecard of 50 key customer interactions or journeys.
  • Emphasis was placed on trends in real performance rather than traditional ‘RAG’ status with the focus on the validity of targets and outcomes for customers.
  • The scorecard functionality allowed for ‘deep dives’ into specific processes and metrics to focus in on actions or areas of customer detriment.

Results & Learnings

  • The prototype was built within a five month period with the scorecard operational from month 4 of the programme.
  • The scorecard was available by working day 3 of the month giving relevance and immediacy to management interventions powered by a bespoke reporting tool.
  • The impact has been a reduction of complaints and a reduction of E2E completion times for Critical Customer Outcomes e.g. Mortgage Approvals and Account Opening.