Finance Transformation – UK based Global Trading Services Company

The Challenge

  • Our client, a UK based global trading company had a consistent track record of growth in its strategic markets
  • However, the client recognised that whilst its client-facing infrastructure had been significantly enhanced, the business faced challenges if it continued to grow at a pace
  • Investment in the back and middle office on technology and process design was stilted which resulted in a number of risks and control issues for the business
  • Costs had also increased within the business
  • After a period of evaluation of the systems and process architecture Limehouse identified that the operating model within the Finance function had significant limitations for mitigating risk and establishing control

The Solution

A Vision for the future operation to support the continued growth of the business and mitigate internal risks and controls was built incorporating:

  • A scaled and robust future model for the technology architecture
  • A design of the key processes to enable this and the impact this would have on operational performance
  • The impact this would have on people, costs and capabilities
  • The timeframes and quick result opportunities were built into this Vision

Results & Learnings

  • The client has now a clear roadmap of what the pragmatic steps are to bring greater control over Finance and Operations
  • A new design and change structure was embedded which will ensure delivery is steered effectively
  • A controlled operation is now embedded with a significantly reduced cost base, based on a set of processes which can be scaled for the future strategic growth of the business