kiyomi Conduct – Major UK Bank

The Challenge

  • Our client, a major UK Bank, wanted to understand conduct related insights across the life cycle of their customers
  • The challenge was that current in-house systems, people and technology were unable to deliver this in one format from one source
  • Limehouse were engaged to carry out a pilot within their credit card operation using their innovative technology solution ‘kiyomi

The Solution

An assessment  was undertaken of the service delivery process from a customer’s perspective, as well as an evaluation of the effectiveness of existing operational processes end-to-end, from sales through to back office, and used to develop the following solutions:

  • Data was consolidated and analysed to show data-points that deliver across conduct lens, including Causes, Lead and Lag Indicators, and Outcomes
  • kiyomi collated and allowed assessment of large volumes and variety of data simultaneously to better understand the business performance, the impact of strategies on customers, and determine actions to manage the business more effectively
  • The success has enabled us to fully source in one place conduct-related insights across the life cycle of our customers. This has delivered us new insights across:
    • Product Capabilities
    • Customer Treatment
    • Customer Behaviour

Results & Learnings

  • Following the pilot the client understands more about their credit card business and has greater insights into how the product performs, how customers interact with them and how treatment strategies affect the overall customer experience and business profitability
  • Insights included understanding the profile of declined customers combined with the ability to track metrics across products  within one data set to see correlations of e.g. trends in arrears
  • The client is now embedding kiyomi across their business and extending this level of insight across their entire consumer product range
  • They are confident it will enable them to make strategic product and customer treatment decisions resulting in a robust conduct framework. This will inform our risk appetite and enable us to manage effectively within that appetite, whilst ensuring we can demonstrate regulatory compliance with confidence