Major UK Retail Bank – Rectification Centre

The Challenge

  • Our client, a UK Tier 1 Bank, was introduced to the concept of DARA to automate the data gathering process prior to remediation of PPI claims.
  • The client was manually handling the task with thousands of clerical staff, both internal and agency, operating in four cities across the UK.
  • Rectification as an activity was operated through several discrete centres and divisions.
  • Process lacked consistency across the various rectification programmes.
  • Administrative cost per case was high.
  • Reliance on external regulatory expertise significantly exceeded case costs.

The Solution

Over an 18 month period, a rectification Centre of Excellence was established with sustainable infrastructure including:

  • A centralised resourcing model using contractors delivered higher productivity and consistency of approach to comparative programmes.
  • Lower attrition rates evidenced as training and qualifications for resources introduced.
  • Implementation of effective methodology across all projects through establishment of a central Policy team.
  • Centrally controlled Change Management facilitated line of sight across multiple projects.
  • A gateway-based Governance Model with clear accountabilities to identify issues and a staged process of acceptance by the Remediation Unit who then built and owned the delivery model.

Results & Learnings

  • Cost per case has reduced substantially with less dependence on high-cost resource providers due to higher retention levels of contract staff over a longer period.
  • Through the application of consistent methodologies, workflow has been optimised by the rapid deployment of resources across programmes.
  • Machine learning algorithms enabled DARA to automatically classify data and apply policies to that data to adhere to industry data compliance regulations.
  • The new Governance Model has ensured that the business role in identifying and scoping issues is prominent without the distractions of operational delivery.