About the Technology

sudachi for Retail and Commercial Banking

The sudachi platform provides cutting-edge technology to fight financial crime, cut the cost of compliance (including AML) and increase the profitability of lending businesses within the financial services sector.


sudachi incorporates cutting-edge technology to increase the profitability of Loans Books, fight fraud and cut the cost of compliance. An important aspect of the platform’s unique architecture is that it uses all the digital assets available (external as well as internal) optimally. It also exploits predictive analytics to best effect. This results in several major benefits that reduce operational costs and enhance profitability substantially.

sudachi uses statistical processing, predictive analytics and machine learning on an ongoing basis to identify and block new types of fraud schemes.

Recent Application

Loans Book: Profitability-Enhancement

The architecture of sudachi is ideal for identifying, at an early stage, loans that are likely to become troublesome. This can be either because of fraudulent activity or because a customer transitions to a high- risk (or vulnerable) status. The accuracy of this early warning facility in sudachi enables a much more effective and proactive management of such customers/ loans so that losses can be avoided or minimized. This also facilitates best-practice in respect of policies relating to vulnerable  customers.

The overall impact of sudachi is that there is a major reduction in non-performing loans and a substantial reduction in operating costs. An additional, important, advantage of sudachi is that once it is set up for enhancing the profitability of the Loans Book, it can also be used as an exceptionally powerful Fraud Prevention engine and to reduce the cost of compliance substantially.

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation

sudachi has an exceptionally high accuracy rate (up to 4 times better than other methods) with which it identifies applications, accounts and transactions with a high likelihood of being associated with financial crime. The false positive rates are exceptionally low.

Once it is set up for Fraud Management, sudachi can also be used for Loans Book Profitability-Enhancement and to reduce the cost of compliance substantially.


sudachi provides a single, powerful, Customer-Due-Diligence hub assuring compliance with all the regulatory regimes relating to financial crime including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Proceeds of Criminal Activity (POCA) regulations, identification of Politically Exposed People, fighting Tax Fraud and Sanctions.  It monitors existing accounts to intercept any transitions to non-compliant behaviour as well as making very accurate assessments at account origination. The high accuracy with which it provides alerts of transitions of accounts from normal operations to suspicious behaviour ensures that erroneous intervention with legitimate clients’ activities is minimized.


sudachi has demonstrated the following result for fraud detection benchmarks in the financial sector:

  • Accuracy of detection of fraud improved by a factor of 4

The sudachi platform incorporates comprehensive facilities for fighting financial crime including:

  • Key Fraud Vector Catalogue
  • Key Fraud Indicator Generator Flexible Risk Scores
  • Integrated OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Efficient early warning system
  • Consistent checks on potentially fraudulent behaviour and revenue leakage

The sudachi solution is one the first that guarantees a return of investment (ROI) within 12 months of initial implementation.

  • Automatically detecting and alerting potential revenue leakage before it happens
  • Active monitoring for changes in client risk profiles within the organisation’s own and publicly accessible databases
  • Predictive analytics and behavioural information
  • Data matching and data mining for suspicious patterns
  • Visualization and interpretation of discovered anomalies


In addition to using internal information to best effect, sudachi exploits predictive analytics and behavioural information from sources such as the integrated sudachi-OSINT which incorporates data from social networking sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc., blogs, Web, forums), industry and government databases.


A unique capability of sudachi is the ease with which Key Fraud Indicators (KFIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be combined into Key Fraud Vectors tuned to a bank’s specific business profile and risk appetite. This enables banks to perform checks on potential fraudulent behaviour as well as other suspicious behaviours with precision. It is very effective in both ensuring that account origination is well aligned with a bank’s strategy and isolating fraud that is only manifested at a later stage.


An important feature of sudachi is the highly flexible way in which risk scores and therefore the KFIs can be managed. This enables sudachi clients to tune the platform with precision to match their own risk appetite. It also enables them to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and any adjustments in their own business such as the introduction of new products.


sudachi has strong investigation capabilities and a dynamic global key fraud indicators library. The Fraud department’s effectiveness is also enhanced by utilising the industry’s leading behavioural analytics and machine learning technology.

Along with the technologies outlined above sudachi automatically generates Key Fraud Vectors after the detection of new fraud patterns. Hence, emerging fraud patterns are detected and blocked by sudachi machine learning capabilities rapidly.


Using sudachi Continuous Control Monitoring, banks can actively monitor that all the processes relating to consolidating data from internal databases, publicly accessible databases and black lists are operating.


A market-leading aspect of sudachi is that it provides regular updates of Key Fraud vectors. These updates include key indicators related to new types of fraud schemes from across the globe.

New types fraud schemes initially seen in one geographical location often travel to other regions rapidly. The KKIs that prevent fraud from a new scheme in one region are made available through the regular update. As a result, protection against new types of fraud schemes can be often be implemented before the scheme begins to take hold in the markets in which a bank operates.

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