About the Technology

Business Process Insight & Scenario Analysis System

kiyomi: True value protection through innovative technology incorporating artificial intelligence which analyses large volumes of fixed and variable data and delivers better operational and strategic outcomes through real-time validated performance metrics and insights

The kiyomi solution is a fully configurable system to retain, analyse and present your organisation’s critical performance data, enabling faster and more effective insights to reduce cost, eliminate risk, and improve customer service. The system’s ability to facilitate predictive scenarios with diagnostics makes it one of the most effective in the industry.

kiyomi provides complete control of the operational and conduct aspects of your business – no other Business Intelligence (BI) tool in the market offers forecasting, planning and managing capacity within the same system.

The Challenge

The nature of processes within organisations is segregated. Large enterprises often operate in silos. These are separated by fictitious walls, which are made of each department’s own interests and their diverging agendas. This makes it difficult for enterprises to build a process improvement programme that is truly End-to-End, and accurately represents the customer experience by channel from request to fulfilment.

Organising and analysing interrelated data points within processes from End-to-End delivers better customer outcomes, less complaints – and therefore a significant reputational advantage with a positive impact on revenue. It will also reduce operating costs since the cross-organisational process efficiency will be dramatically enhanced.


The benefits of kiyomi can include greater efficiency, less waste, effective operational management, reduced risk, transparent governance; all generating positive outcomes.

This means you will always have the reporting and analytical data at hand to make the right decisions for your operation and in real-time provide executives and regulators the material evidence and reporting that they require.

System deployment has identified a range of integrated benefits which include:

  • Elimination of rework and extra processing resulting in a productivity gain of 20%
  • Reduction in sampling costs due to the improved focus and quality of the processing
  • Better insight into customer behaviour in terms of channel access which led to increased NPS scores
  • Streamlining of the letter library to make this simpler and easier for customers

The end-to-end approach has given our clients a new lens to demonstrate how they meet customer needs.  By mapping and managing the various key customer interactions and propositions in a customer centric way and by developing strategic plans which cross traditional functional boundaries, performance can be improved:

  • Early warning indicators give insights to facilitate decision making at senior levels
  • One single source of the truth reporting allows better communication with the Regulators
  • End-to-end processing times will be more transparent

Implementation involves simultaneous activities of:

  • Collation of the historic data for back-load
  • Verification of the data points for system configuration
  • Determination of the glossary of the terms for configuration
  • Determination of the specific access control requirements and user list

Once live, the system has both historic and new data to gain experience, determine any configuration changes, and evaluate the benefits of the solution.

Deployment of our system brings both short and medium terms benefits to the organisation, some of which are:

  • Consolidation of reporting and visualisation in one repository
  • Immediacy of insight over performance and conduct
  • Reduced levels of manual data building and cost
  • Creation of ‘one version of the truth’
  • Compliant data management, eliminating end-user-computer solutions

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