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Limehouse delivers analytical, consultancy and technology solutions to our financial services clients including retail banks, mutuals and insurance companies. We support complex change and transformational programmes and deliver high value outcomes for our clients.


At Limehouse we create solutions by understanding the available data through analytics. These insights help change operating processes to create greater efficiencies. Whether it’s predictive modelling, diagnostic analytics, reporting or analysis, our advanced analytical strategies ensure that our financial services clients build the right operating models to enable better strategic business decisions and create ongoing value. 

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We deliver robust consultancy services focused on our clients’ more critical regulatory challenges. Our Asset Based Consulting model is built on driving one or more of three key outcomes for any engagement with us; achieving sustainable cost reductions; driving revenue growth; managing and mitigating risk. Our deep expertise combined with our collaborative style of engagement ensures we develop and deliver the right solutions for our clients.

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Our focus is on creating a core set of technology solutions that cover cost reduction, revenue generation, risk management and optimisation activities. Our SaaS technology offers analytical software to access, manage, analyse and report on data in real time. Artificial Intelligence can extract meaning, determine better outcomes and enable faster decisions from big data sources and systems continuously delivering insights to support your decision-making. 

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Our relentless approach to breaking down information and KPI silos creates  balanced, integrated analytics that cover Business Performance Measurement Frameworks, making MI more meaningful. This can include viewing processes end-to-end, from the customer’s perspective, whilst incorporating an approach to testing for Fair Customer Outcomes across all critical customer processes.

Using Conduct as an example, we enable a clear, practical  and well laid out approach which can cover:

  • Insightful MI into Customer and Business Performance
  • Conduct Assessment and Road Mapping
  • Process Development and Simplification

When we integrate analytics into our transformational projects, we always consider “what” we are trying to achieve, separately from “how” we are going to achieve it. Our approach follows these principles:

  • Define the framework for the continuum and define what ‘Good’ looks like for Monitoring and Metrics
  • Determine the metrics which would support this
  • Determine the “subset metrics” by dependency and criticality
  • Collate what already exists within the business, operations and particular functions
  • Determine the appropriate MI set and set the relevant targets for comparison (e.g. Risk Appetites, Appraisals, Service Levels, Incidents etc.)
  • Detail the definitions for each metric
  • Establish Dashboard lay-outs and frequencies
  • For current MI, determine how it is built up
  • For existing MI, how is this data held and used at “Group” level
  • For required MI, determine whether all metrics recorded, if not, what manual feeds exist
  • For required MI, what are the options s/t and m/t for collation
  • Determine short-term method of collation
  • Dry run and review
  • Wet run and review

There is a natural tendency in modern day analytics to create large pools of shared data and to derive insights naturally from that data. The danger has always been to create plenty of data with not enough insight.

Limehouse’s approach, however, seeks to optimise this view. Our focus is primarily on determining which areas we are seeking to gain insights into and what those insights might look like from a business user perspective

Our skill then lies in determining how to collate the data sets which will offer the insights on an enterprise basis, thereby reducing the cycle times of the organisation digesting and acting upon it.


At Limehouse we work with our financial services clients on their most critical business and operational issues. Using our skilled people, innovative technology, analytics and regulatory experience, we measure the risk and deliver strategy and implementation to help them make the right decisions to better manage risk, reduce cost and increase revenue.

Our Asset Based Consulting model includes a suite of solutions to deliver sustainable and repeatable outcomes, creating a clear view of the Return On Investment (ROI) from the start. We deploy reusable assets in the form of templates, best practice, data and software to leverage expertise and increase the speed of project delivery.

Our collaborative approach means we understand your business as if it was our own, which marks Limehouse out from other consultancies – we speak your language. Our approach is transparent and pragmatic and our focus is always on achieving better results for our clients.

Limehouse GDPR Services


At Limehouse, we understand the challenges and opportunities the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has for our clients. In anticipation of GDPR being enforced, we have developed a complete solution that has been tried, tested and put into production by  a UK bank. From analysis through to implementation and support, our GDPR services are designed to help organisations successfully manage structured and unstructured data whilst addressing the legislative requirements of GDPR and Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs).


Since being implemented, our bespoke data managed service solution has delivered many tangible benefits:

  • It is fully configured to the client’s systems, policies and processes
  • Supports the management and interrogation of both structured and unstructured data
  • Easily interrogates third parties’ systems, EUC & Voice
  • Ensures and demonstrates effective compliance with GDPR
  • Provides a fast and accurate way of dealing with DSAR requests
  • Detects policy violations in real time, enabling you to minimise risk the moment it happens

 To learn more about these services please contact us either by phone or e-mail to speak to a member of the team.

For more information or to find out how our consultancy model can help improve performance for your operation and your business:


We deliver strategic consultancy and world-class technology solutions that offer improved efficiencies, agility, smarter business processes and better productivity for our financial services clients.


A data insight tool that analyses data and proposed process changes end to end from Customer need to Customer fulfilment by absorbing data from multiple processes to create a single source of performance metrics across Production; Cost and Customer Experience.


An intelligent RPA engine built to automate any business process, no matter how complicated, by working seamlessly between people and systems with both structured and unstructured data.


An enterprise wide data processing tool built to structure data and reports from legacy unstructured data records.


Fraud prevention software developed to automatically and systematically detect, prevent and investigate fraud. It provides a single customer due diligence hub assuring compliance with all regulatory regimes including AML and POCA.